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1 be abundant or plentiful; exist in large quantities
2 be in a state of movement or action; "The room abounded with screaming children"; "The garden bristled with toddlers" [syn: burst, bristle]

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From Old English abounden, French abonder, from Latin abundare "to overflow", which comes from ab- + unda "wave".


  • (RP) /əˈbaʊnd/


  1. To be plentiful; to be very prevalent; to overflow.
    • The wild boar which abounds in some parts of the continent of Europe. - Chambers.
    • Where sin abounded grace did much more abound. Romans 5:20.
  2. To be copiously supplied; to be wealthy in; to teem with; -- followed by in or with.
    The wilderness abounds in traps.

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to be copiously supplied

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abound with, be alive with, bristle with, burst with, clutter, crawl, crawl with, creep with, crowd, crowded, exuberate, filled, flourish, flow, gush, jam, multiply, overflow, overflow with, pack, packed, pour, prevail, proliferate, pullulate, pullulate with, rain, run over, shower, stream, swarm, swarm with, teem, teem with, thrive, throng, throng with
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